Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on the Kids

We didn't send out a Christmas letter this year. Instead, I just put a note on the back of our cards directing friends and family to check out the blog if they want updates. So here are a few quick newsworthy items...

Josh is in the 8th grade and is doing very well in school. He is in the National Junior Honor Society and loves to read. He also enjoys swim team and has amazed us with his dedication. We can't imagine swimming when there is frost on the windows and there is steam rising from the pool, but he does it without complaint! He also recently got his first lesson on how to fix brakes!

Katie, 6th grade, is a go getter in all areas of her life. She LOVES soccer and was thrilled that her team made it to the championship games this year. They are the "Little Team that Could." After 3 really tough seasons, including one with no goals made, they placed 2nd in our local league, 2nd in the area league, and 3rd in the district! We even got to travel to the beach for the last tournament! Katie also does very well in school and sang her 1st solo at this year's Christmas concert.

More updates on Luke and Hannah tomorrow!

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Susan said...

okay...we have similar oldest is a year round swimmer..and my 2nd eats breathes and lives soccer..can't wait to compare the rest of the kiddos.. :)