Monday, December 8, 2008

Just Swinging

I will put this picture in Sophia's photo album. (No, not a scrap book with pop up pages and pull out dancing ballerinas with her voice saying, "Mommy, I lub you." Just her plain jane 3 for $20 photo album from Sam's.) Omar was home and captured a little moment between Sophia and me. It was fun. We were swinging, and singing, and the sun was warm. It was heavenly!

When she is a mom and looks back at her album and thinks, "Oh, my mom just used to sit and swing with me all day," I will lessen her mom guilt and I will reassure her that this was a blessed moment. This was not the norm. Most days I was working trying to fix the past or trying to be ready for the future, but every now and then, I slowed down and I took a little time to enjoy the present.