Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Safety Rules

A few weeks ago, I was taking Katie to a mid-morning ortho appointment and we encountered a very sad and disturbing sight. A deer had been hit by a car, and badly wounded, and was holding up traffic as drivers were trying to drive around him. I held back my tears, but Katie could not. It was a sight that I wish my daughters had not seen, but one that we couldn't avoid.

I do not wish to make this a laughing matter at all, but in priceless pre-schooler fashion, Sophia noticed all of this from the car seat and in pure innocence she said, "I guess deers don't know to look both ways."

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Kimberly said...

That poor deer...

Reminds me of the headlines this morning, the 13 girl who was stuck and killed by a drunk driver, right after she got off the bus, and only 100 yards from her house.
So many prayers for the family, and all the kids on the bus, who witnessed this tragety. Makes me hug my kids a little tighter today.