Monday, December 15, 2008

Rise and Shine

Luke does not share his oldest sister's enthusiasm for the morning routine. Katie is the 1st one up, and it is often her turning off the alarm to check the weather or our newish dog that wakes me up from my 4th time to hit the snooze button. Luke tends to be a little more like me, and he has been telling me recently that the nights are too short. He even seems agitated with me about that.

This morning I turned off the little fan in his room, and turned on his closet light, and lovingly rubbed his back and tried to gently coax him out of bed. He got up went straight to the fan, turned it back on, and climbed back into bed.

Of course I had to get on to him and tell he better get out of bed right now or else, but then I went downstairs and cracked up!

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