Monday, December 8, 2008

Story Time

Luke asked me to read to him tonight. As he is getting more competent with his reading, he is needing me to read to him less and less. He still loves it though, and so do I. I love snuggling up to him and sharing those few moments before sleep. I learned more about Star Wars and Marvel comics versus DC comics than I ever cared to know when Joshua was young. Luke's interests have been different and just as foreign. You never know what it is he will request. There was a long time when he only wanted to read about Disney World and roller coasters, I actually found that phase really fun. Then, he moved onto pirates and knights. I think I could have lived my whole life and been ok not knowing different ways pirates tormented their victims. Tonight it was a fiction called Bionicles, Chronicle 1, The Tale of the Toa. Tonight I learned about Lewa, the Toa of the Wind.

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