Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5th Child Perks

Well, if you just read a few of my posts, you will soon see what Sophia is up to. She offers me a bounty of material to write about. (In our meal prayer, she says,"From they bouncy through Christ our Lord. Amen.")

Here are a few other things she has been up to...

Holding her new baby cousin!

Getting the DVD player all to herself!

Counting all of my plastic bowls while I make dinner.

She starts a Mother's Day Out program next week. Please join me in praying for her teacher! ;)


Cheryl J. said...

Hi Amy, I am your dad's cousin Cheryl J. from South Dakota. My dad, Ron was your grandma Marcian's brother--we met once as kids, but that's been decades! My sister Susan, shared your blog link with me and I have so enjoyed reading through it--getting a sneak peak at your life! Your family is adorable and I love your passion for being a mom and the strength of your faith! We keep up with your entire family through occasional e-mails from Barb. Wishing you and your family well in 2009, and looking forward to reading more posts on your blog. :)

Karianne said...

Hey Amy! What a great blog! I love seeing how your beautiful family is growing. I can't believe Josh is about the same age as I was when I first took your RE class at St. Williams. My, how time flies.