Monday, September 29, 2008

This Never Gets Old

It always makes me happy when we are out and about and Sophia says, "Mommy, can I hold you?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Am Mom, Hear Me Roar

It has never been my intention to be the thorn in anyone's side. I actually don't really enjoy confrontation. I am not shy about standing up for myself or others, but I have never really enjoyed being a boat rocker.

I bet the teachers and administrators at my kids' middle school don't see it that way. I bet when they see that they have an email from me, they are less than thrilled. Maybe they even think, "Doesn't this lady have anything better to do?"

Well, actually no. This is my main job. My main priority. This is why I make the big bucks! I do laundry, I take kids to doctors' appointments, I put food together, I drive to soccer and swimming, I email teachers. I am my kids' advocate. If I am not, who will be?

Truly, it is a balancing act to walk the fine line between letting things go, and calling out injustices. I know this isn't a perfect world and sometimes we just have to say, "Wow, that was a bummer. Sorry that happened to you." We have chosen to be in public school, and I know that we will not share the same world view as some other students, families, teachers.

On the other hand, sometimes the mother bear can be contained no longer. Sometimes I am just really tired of what I see. I have grown weary these first few weeks of school, as I've been roaring quite a bit. Last year I roared because movies were shown to my 12 year old son that were completely and utterly inappropriate for my tax dollars to be paying for. This year other parents are roaring because a horrendous book is in our middle school library and the district will not pull it.

So far this year, my battles are smaller, but battles none the less. A cafeteria worker made my son go to the end of the line because other people were cutting. He tried to expain it to her and she wouldn't listen. Another day a teacher told him to throw away trash that other kids had thrown from the other end of the table. He tried to explain that he hadn't done it, she told him to do it anyway. His algebra teacher is ok with the average on the first test of the 6 weeks being a 73. Other teachers just subjectively put grades on papers without any written reasons, or randomly give 95 for participation instead of 100, just because they want to. Overall, our school is trying to create a more positive learning environment for the students by focussing on students' expectations and the consequences for not meeting them. I think they might also need to focus on the adults' attitudes in dealing with middle school kids. How can we expect kids to have respect for us when we are not modeling it for them.

Just call me Ursa Major!

(If any of you more experienced moms think I just need to chill out, please share your wisdom!!)

Monday, September 22, 2008


There is so much to write little time. Now that school is back in, life is in the fast lane. It can feel overwhelming at times. Then, I think about my family in Houston, and people from Galveston and I know that my issues are small. We shouldn't invalidate our feelings or our own little crosses, but it is always good to put things in perspective. We are praying for the Hurricane victims and those still without power! I can't imagine what a frustration that must be.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

My sweet little baby turned 3 today! Sophia is a doll and we all love her so much! She also makes us laugh and gives me so much material for my blog! I am grateful for my little blondie!
God Bless you my Sophia Rose!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You, Lord

(Even though she wasn't cooperating, it is a really cute shot!)

Just Smile, for Crying Out Loud!

I haven't had my kids' pictures taken professionally (aka JC Penny's $5.00 a sheet special) for a year and a half. I thought I would just give it a go. It is rare that I love the way they turn out from the "professionals " anyway. It started out fun and my attitude was positive. It really didn't stay that way for long. I am sweating just remembering trying to get a good individual shot of everyone and a good group shot. I am remembering my gritted teeth as I barked, just smile, be still, don't mess up your hair. I'll just be honest, Luke and Sophia, although the most adorable 6 and almost 3 year olds in the world, are not model material. It also doesn't help that I am not a good photographer. I don't get lighting, spacing, zooming - I just click. This pain and torture really only lasted 20 minutes or so, some un-named children felt even that was entirely too long. The sad part is we are going to have to do this again, soon, Christmas card pictures are just around the corner!
This is the best I could do with the groups...

ok, i have to get on with my day now. i really do love to oogle over pics of my kids.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride

My girls have been wanting, begging, pleading for a dog for years. They have done great amounts of research and have been fully prepared to take on all doggie duties, including pooper scooper duties. The boys have wanted a dog too, but with no where near the same amount of passion. I am not really a dog person. I like them ok from a far. (Very far.)

Well, as it happens an opportunity came knocking, and a 4 year old black lab, Molly, needed a home. We don't have any babies on the way, Sophia will be 3 next month, and the girls are incredibly responsible, so why not? But, I made it clear, she would be an outside dog. Sophia has enough accidents as it is, I cannot add a dog to the mix.

So on Monday, my 36th birthday, all my dreams came true.

Ok, actually, to see the smiles on their faces and to know that their dreams had come true, was a really great way to celebrate my growing closer to 40. The kids, even Josh, were up and ready by 6:30 AM so that they could have some time with her before school. Even Omar and I found that our hearts were quickly growing fond of this sweet and loving dog.

Well, the roller coaster was just getting started. At her well check, we got the horrible news that Molly had heart worms. Thankfully the kids were at school and Omar was home, so we had time to sort through every possible solution to the problem. Treatment is very expensive, and then for at least a month, the dog has to be in the air condition and has to remain very still. This seemed to be a deal breaker for me. I know some of you animal people will be mortified by my attitude, but that just seemed more than I could handle. God helped us come up with a plan. My step mom found a Lab Rescue that would be able to do the treatment, at a fraction of the cost, and then she offered to care for Molly at the kennel that she owns until she is better. God bless NaNa!

So, when my kids came home we had to share with them that Molly is sick, but there is great hope that she will be ok. Again, I say, we are so grateful to NaNa for helping us out with her. I will keep you posted on her recovery. (I know there are far greater things to pray for these days, but I will still ask, please say a little prayer for our dog.)

Behind My Back...