Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Backyard Fun

Sophia getting sun "scream"

Luke jumping again

The other kids "chillaxin"

(Josh taught me that word.)

Will they all find their way home?

The library...how can my kids find such bliss at the library? The joy and excitement at getting a "few" new books to read is amazing. We have everything from The Far Side, to Greek Mythology, to an Irish Dictionary, to Commander Toad and the Space Pirates. It is adorable to watch their joy, and I love that it is free and air condtioned! Actually it isn't free. We have practically paid for the West Wing of our public library in late fees. Thanks be to God and St. Anthony (the Patron Saint of lost items) we haven't ever lost anything, but we have been late and we have had babies damage property.


Sophia has not been much of a car rider in her short 2 1/2 years. In fact early on it was quite torturous and I'm sure we all got some time out of purgatory just by riding with her.

This weekend we went to our nephew's graduation and she rode there and back with NO CRYING!!! She wasn't even sleeping. It felt so victorious! Have we crossed a threshold?

She did get a second wind at 10PM on the ride home, and talked to her weary parents most of the ride home, but you will hear no complaints from us!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Crazy

Little Girl that chatted with me on my walk: I know your son, Luke. He is crazy at school and he loves someone in my class.

Luke in response to my questions about these comments: I AM crazy at school and I don't love someone in her class, someone loves me.

10 Year Gap

So I really want my kids to be close friends their whole lives. I want them to have other friends too, but you have history with your siblings that you don't share with anyone else and your siblings sort of have to stay in your life. I have 1 brother and I cherish him, and I love that we talk at least weekly.

I kind of worried with my kids being spread out over 10 years that my oldest and youngest might not have the opportunity to develop a relationship. Lately, I've gotten some reassurance that development is in progress. Yesterday, when we picked Josh up for his ortho appointment, Sophia couldn't contain herself and ran down the halls of the school to greet him. She also stood by his side and patted him while he was in the ortho's chair. The feelings are mutual, Josh thinks she is adorable and he can't help but smile when he sees her, talks to her, or thinks about her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where are the Medals?

I deserve a medal and so does every other mom who makes it through May. Every mom who remembers every teacher's gift, and every child's pizza money for the last day of school, and what she volunteered to bring to each child's EOY party, and the time of every awards ceremony, team party and EOY conference, all the while planning and filling out forms for a summer full of soccer camp, indoor soccer league, Vacation Bible School, gymnastics, dance class, swimming lessons at two different places for two different kids, and swim team deserves a great big shiny medal.

Instead...since we ourselves get no such shiny thing to wear proudly to let the world know we've been working ourselves silly, I guess we'll have to "settle" on the sheer pride and joy of watching our kids flourish and grow!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mi Familia

My Husband and me

My Heavenly Mom, my chilitos, and me

Hand outs

Today I had to step out of my comfort zone! We need 600 cupcakes for 5th grade Graduation at my daughter's school! Now whether or not I believe that 5th grade Graduation is necessary is irrelevant because I happen to be the "lead" teacher's homeroom mom, so I recently learned this is my duty!

Apparently asking for donations from local businesses also goes along with PTA fun! I hate asking for donations for anything. Maybe it is because I have 5 kids, and I never want to be the crazy woman with 5 kids who asks for handouts. Maybe it is because I am a chicken. Either way, not comfortable to me. Well, along with my new found confidence as a budding blogger I chatted with the Sam's manager and "VOILA!" $25.00 in free cupcakes! See, it is that easy! Look out neighbors and family I just may ask you for some freebies next!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mama's Girl

At the doctor's today Sophia (2) saw an adorable newborn baby crying. The dad was doing everything he could to console the little one. Sophia looked at me and said, "That baby needs her mama."

Close Calls

Last week my kids and I were taking an evening walk. Two were up ahead of me on their bikes, stopping at every stop sign to see if they could go on. I was pushing baby girl in her stroller and my little boy was walking and chatting non-stop to me about his Lego Star Wars Wii game. It was lovely, and I was getting the best work out I have had in a long while.

Suddenly, I heard my 8 year old scream. I looked up to see her on her bike, with her legs outstretched running into a car! Immediately I sprinted up the hill pushing the stroller as fast as I could, all the while hollering her name to no avail. As I got to her, I realized she was not broken and let out a relieved "Thank God!" The driver said he had seen my other daughter pass and thought all was ok.

As I slowly began moving again, the reality of the situation overwhelmed me. I stopped her to ask if she was truly ok and she said she had panicked and couldn't stop. The car was backing out and she saw it, but just couldn't stop. I squeezed her so tightly, never wanting to let go again, never wanting to let her ride ahead. In fact, I really wanted my 8 year old, long legged, amazingly bright, beautiful angel to get into the stroller with her baby sister. That way I would know she was safe. If she had literally been one second faster, she may have been behind that car. Her Guardian Angel was on active duty and I'll say it again, "Thank God!"

So many things to reflect on. How many times does God save our lives and we don't even know it? How am I going to survive letting my kids go and watching from a short distance as they ride where their hearts lead them? How can I let a moment pass without my loved ones knowing how they are the reason my heart beats? How can I let a moment pass without being in God's grace? How can I ever be jealous and ungrateful? Lord let me spend every second where you want me to be.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Saving Grace

"But she will be saved through motherhood, provided women persevere in faith and love and holiness, with self-control." 1 Timothy 2:15

And that is what I know to be true. I know that every day I am losing a little bit more of my selfish nature and growing into the person I am suppossed to be. I know that it is my children who God uses to help me reach this goal. I don't know if it will all turn out ok, but I pray that God, in His mercy and goodness, will complete the good work He started when He blessed me with these precious souls to care for. I am humbled by my weaknesses, and being a mom, usually have ample opportunities to be humbled. Sometimes I open myself up to the Grace being offered to me, and sometimes I fall flat on my face. Motherhood has changed me and continues to change me moment by moment. I am grateful for this journey, I am grateful to be a mom.