Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wouldn't THAT be Fun?

Josh and I made a 9:30 run to Target last night to try to tie up the loose ends of school supply shopping! We still need 12X24 manilla paper...I am determined, it will be found!

But that is another blogging topic, the point of this is...The teenager checking me out starting chatting about how when she was growing up, her mom did the school supply shopping without the her brothers and her. I said, oh, well my kids think it is fun, so we do it together. The younger kids get their's through school anyway. So how many kids are in your family, I ask.

Well there were 3 brothers and me. I just graduated. About two years ago my mom thought she was really sick and her stomach was feeling flittery. She went to see what kind of a virus she had and the doctors said the male kind!

The cute little Target cashier said, yea, our Christmas pictures look really funny! I thought, yea, hilarious.

So, just a reminder...it ain't over till it's over.

(Seriously, I say that with joy in my heart, really, what a blessing! You would know that God really wasn't finished yet, and that He had a great plan for this little soul. You would realize all of that after they resuscitated your heart, I can only imagine! )

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