Friday, August 22, 2008

Sophia the Theologian

Sophia as we are listening to an old VBS tape in the car: Why is that song saying God is big?

Me: Well, because He is big. He is huge.

Soph: Why they not say Jesus is big?

Me: Jesus is big too, He is God.

Soph: Is Jofus big? (That would be Joseph)

Me: Not as big as Jesus.

Soph: Mary is BIG!

Me: Jesus is the biggest.

Soph in a baby voice: Baby Jesus is big.

Me: Yes.

Soph: Baby Jesus loves His mama.

Me: Yes.

Soph: Why is Baby Jesus sleeping?

Me: I guess He is tired. (And I would guess He is also smiling at this sweet little baby's questions about her Savior.)

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Kimberly said... cute. I love it when kids explain Jesus. They make it sounds so simple.