Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where are the Medals?

I deserve a medal and so does every other mom who makes it through May. Every mom who remembers every teacher's gift, and every child's pizza money for the last day of school, and what she volunteered to bring to each child's EOY party, and the time of every awards ceremony, team party and EOY conference, all the while planning and filling out forms for a summer full of soccer camp, indoor soccer league, Vacation Bible School, gymnastics, dance class, swimming lessons at two different places for two different kids, and swim team deserves a great big shiny medal.

Instead...since we ourselves get no such shiny thing to wear proudly to let the world know we've been working ourselves silly, I guess we'll have to "settle" on the sheer pride and joy of watching our kids flourish and grow!


The Uptons said...

We are so excited that the Villareals have joined the blogging world! Our blog is and we would love for you to stop by when you can. Maybe you will inspire Maria to post every once in a while, too! Cannot believe how big your kids have gotten--they are growing up so quickly! --Matt

Lynn said...


Welcome to the blog world. I have a blog too. Here is the link

I am so excited. I am bookmarking your blog right now

much love,
Lynn (sister Lynn :)