Monday, May 19, 2008

Close Calls

Last week my kids and I were taking an evening walk. Two were up ahead of me on their bikes, stopping at every stop sign to see if they could go on. I was pushing baby girl in her stroller and my little boy was walking and chatting non-stop to me about his Lego Star Wars Wii game. It was lovely, and I was getting the best work out I have had in a long while.

Suddenly, I heard my 8 year old scream. I looked up to see her on her bike, with her legs outstretched running into a car! Immediately I sprinted up the hill pushing the stroller as fast as I could, all the while hollering her name to no avail. As I got to her, I realized she was not broken and let out a relieved "Thank God!" The driver said he had seen my other daughter pass and thought all was ok.

As I slowly began moving again, the reality of the situation overwhelmed me. I stopped her to ask if she was truly ok and she said she had panicked and couldn't stop. The car was backing out and she saw it, but just couldn't stop. I squeezed her so tightly, never wanting to let go again, never wanting to let her ride ahead. In fact, I really wanted my 8 year old, long legged, amazingly bright, beautiful angel to get into the stroller with her baby sister. That way I would know she was safe. If she had literally been one second faster, she may have been behind that car. Her Guardian Angel was on active duty and I'll say it again, "Thank God!"

So many things to reflect on. How many times does God save our lives and we don't even know it? How am I going to survive letting my kids go and watching from a short distance as they ride where their hearts lead them? How can I let a moment pass without my loved ones knowing how they are the reason my heart beats? How can I let a moment pass without being in God's grace? How can I ever be jealous and ungrateful? Lord let me spend every second where you want me to be.

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Tammy said...

Isn't it so scary to let them go? I was riding with Brittany home from swim team today watching her do silly things on her bike that I did as a kid but trying to convince her that it wasn't safe for her!! I'm having such a hard time with that leap of faith!!