Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Year Gap

So I really want my kids to be close friends their whole lives. I want them to have other friends too, but you have history with your siblings that you don't share with anyone else and your siblings sort of have to stay in your life. I have 1 brother and I cherish him, and I love that we talk at least weekly.

I kind of worried with my kids being spread out over 10 years that my oldest and youngest might not have the opportunity to develop a relationship. Lately, I've gotten some reassurance that development is in progress. Yesterday, when we picked Josh up for his ortho appointment, Sophia couldn't contain herself and ran down the halls of the school to greet him. She also stood by his side and patted him while he was in the ortho's chair. The feelings are mutual, Josh thinks she is adorable and he can't help but smile when he sees her, talks to her, or thinks about her.

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Tammy said...

My oldest and youngest are about 10years apart too. I also hope that they will be close and your post gives me hope!