Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When I Grow Up

I think I'll be a doctor. Why not add medical school bills onto our little debt pile? While I greatly appreciate the doctors we have, I often think I too could come up with the same diagnosis if I had the right medical books and tools. I may be overestimating my abilities and God may humble me shortly, but with all of the wierd stuff I have seen as a mom, I think I could do it! I am not talking about brain surgery, but general practice, sure! I am sure many other moms feel the same way. Just give me that little ear thing and I can see if he needs antibiotics!!

So...it wasn't chicken pox. It was a nasty case of poison ivy and a secondary reaction to the 1st allergic reaction which gave him the overall body rash. We've been not treating it correctly for 2 weeks. I am so grateful that I am home, how would we have done it if I had a paying job?

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