Monday, June 9, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School started at our Church today! What a wonderful time to come together as a church community to have fun, share fellowship, and celebrate Christ. My older kids get the chance to serve as leaders, and my younger kids get the chance to see that loving God can be cool and fun! Whoever came up with this idea was really smart! I have a feeling it was a Protestant brother or sister in Christ. If it was, I am grateful that we caught on to their idea. There are so many times when I feel as a Catholic that we are missing the personalities and talents of our Protestant brethren. I pray that one day we may be one, as the Father and Son and Holy Spirit are one. (I am sure my good Protestant friends can tell me where that quote is in Scripture.)


The Uptons said...

I love reading the updates and seeing the pics of your kiddos. The verse you are looking for is John 17:22

Amy said...

Thank you!! I knew you would have it for me!
Much love,