Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Time

So summer is in full swing! As school ended, I couldn't wait for the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. But in the year 2008, I think we can all agree that there is a lot of CRAZY, but not so much lazy and hazy.

There is so much more chatter during my "off" time, when Sophia is sleeping. Hello, I am trying to blog, interrupt, interrupt. Also, add beach towels and swimming suits into an already unmanageable laundry situation, and people could possibly run out of essential pieces of clothing. Also, at times it looks as if a tornado has plowed through my home. Does their mother not teach them to clean up after themselves? 7 people in one house is too many. I think Omar and I need guest quarters to reside in. And finally, there are so many people shorter than me who have so many needs and so many words to say, and they are underfoot all day to share those needs and words with me.

Oh yeah, but there is also that little thing called, I love them being home! I love that they have more time to rest and do things that they enjoy. I LOVE taking them to the pool. I love that they get to share in the wonderful memories I have of my mom taking my brother and me to the pool for hours at a time. I love being free to see friends and visit with people that we love but that we don't get to see during regular time. I love making them do summer school workbooks because I know it is a big dose of "it is good for you" for their minds. I love that I get so many opportunities to give hugs and be hugged by the neatest people in the world. I love summer.

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