Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Warm Fuzzies Tonight

We had a great day! First, we went to the park and to the library. Then I took the girls to a friend's house and picked up one of Josh's friends to hang out here. Sophia even took a great nap. Then the clock struck 4:30...

I thought I'd quickly make a phone call to the insurance company to make sure my timing was right on 2 of the kids' well checks. Of course the computer on the other end of the phone wants me to speak my needs clearly into the receiver. I have a lot of background noise, so I usually hear "I'm sorry I didn't understand, can you repeat that?" Uh, no, I didn't say anything, it was the baby yelling at me because she wanted orange juice, not apple juice. So I keep pushing zero. Of course while I am waiting to hear if we will be covered, I am digging through last year's calendar trying to find what day we had our well check, while figuring out what I'll make for dinner, and starting the water to boil for the spaghetti that I know a couple of my kids don't like. We had to check the garage for skates for Hannah who was going skating for the first time tonight. The doorbell rang and it was Hannah's ride to the skating party. I noticed her hair was a mess, I forgot to brush it. The other mom was sweet and said, "It is windy anyway." I prayed that there were no more separated AC joints.

Then, Omar came home. YEA! We all love when Dad comes home! Very quickly, he really annoyed me, I mean endeared himself to me, while he and the boys started a loud and obnoxious play fight in the kitchen. I realized Sophia had found a pixie stick from Katie's backpack and had emptied it out in the entry way. This was prior to spilling a bowl of yogurt on the floor in the kitchen. Josh watched the little kids outside while I tried to get started on dishes. Josh came in to tell me that a cute bunny was in the yard.


Sophia got hurt coming in the house. I got mad at Luke for a misunderstanding. Omar LEFT for a meeting!?!?! (He is saintly, and very rarely, almost never, does something that he might actually enjoy, so I tried to nicely say, "Have fun," but I don't think I was very convincing.)

Now, all I had to do was finish the kitchen, mop up the yogurt, vacuum up the pixie sugar, bathe a few kids, pray, read a few books, and kiss the kids goodnight.

These are the evenings when I wonder if it is too late to enter the convent? I am not saying that would be an easier life, but I think quieter.


Lynn said...

Amy - this post made me LAUGH!!!

Yes, life is usually quieter in the convent. Not easier or harder - just different :)

I love your blog and reading about your sweet family.

If you have a minute - please pray for us. We are in the midst of meetings and will be electing new leadership for our congregation. Come Holy Spirit.

much love, Lynn

Joe said...

Sounds like a home to me.