Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lessons From Dad

My dad is a country soul. To this day he still wears boots and jeans to work, drives a truck, and can fix anything with “duck” tape. He even has a son named Bubba. He believes in God, country, and hard work. He actually has a deer antler chandelier hanging in his entry way over my step-mom’s Lladro figurines. He has a way of summarizing life’s ups and downs, with interesting one-liners.

For example, as he was chasing us around the house he'd say "I'm after you like a hen on a June bug.”

Or, if we asked, “What for?” He’d say, “Cat fur to make kitten britches, you want a pair.” (OK, I still don't get that one.)

And one of my favorites, “I’ve had worse places in my eye, and never quit winking at the pretty girls."

I don’t think I ever thought of these "dadisms" as annoying. In fact, mostly I just accepted them as the laws of the universe. Only now as a mom, when I find myself repeating these phrases, and my kids tease me, do I realize the whole world doesn’t in fact use such terminology. And yet, I marvel at the wisdom and truth that are summed up in these quirky phrases.

“It’ll feel better when it quits hurtin’.” Yes, yes it will. Some things take longer to quit hurtin', but most things do indeed pass, and you feel better. The sun rises each morning, the world continues to revolve, and we heal.

“You’ll be laughing and scoffing at this later.” Well, I still am not laughing at the semester I wanted to quit school because of an uncharacteristic depression that I fell into. However, years later, I do understand that what may seem insurmountable at one point in time, may just be a hill that needs to be climbed , or a lesson that needs to be learned. In fact, in a wierd way, I am actually grateful for that time because now I can understand a little better when others are suffering.

“A deal today is a deal tomorrow.” Don't ever feel pressured to do anything.

“Another day, another dollar.” Get up, get going, make it happen. Everyday.

“It is easy to stick together during the highs and lows, much harder in the day to day.” So true in marriage. He also told me that some couples get divorced over how to squeeze the toothpaste. The ordinary time is when we really grow in our love for one another, with no drama.

“Paper is cheap!” Show your work! How can you know where you messed up if you don't show your work?

“Be the one.” You make it happen. Take responsiblity and do what needs to be done. Be the one that others can count on.

“Jesus started the Catholic Church.” Any time I questioned why my religion said this or taught that, this phrase would ring in my ears. I would seek out the why's, the reasons. This has benefitted me greatly.

“Check your work.” Find your mistakes and fix them.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Don't just sit around and wait for life to pass you by. Find the answers, ask the questions, roll up your sleeves up, be heard.

“Wednesday is hump day.” Once you’re over the hump, it is smooth sailing. Look forward to the weekend!

“If I die, and you get my life insurance money, just spend the interest, don’t ever touch the principle.” I'm glad you didn't die, I needed you.

Thank you Dad. Thank you for your wisdom and love.

Happy Father's Day!

I love you!

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