Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Critters

Last night, I walked into my room and heard birds. It sounded like they were coming from the air vent in my room. It was a crystal clear sound, "Tweet, tweet. It seemed like they were literally on the other side of the air vent." Almost 4 years into our new house, the honeymoon phase is so over and we have all sorts of little things that need to be fixed or maintenanced. The list goes on and on. So I thought, "Well item number 252, try to get bird's nest out of attic or air vent." Last summer it was a horrendous smell coming from a behind the cabinets in the bathroom, which meant some little field mice had gotten in but couldn't get out. So, this summer, wouldn't it only fit that some cute little birds would need rescuing?

You can imagine my relief when I happened to look down to see that some child had turned on the sleep sound machine in my room and it was set on "Summer Nights."

That made me laugh out loud!

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