Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Day of School

And in the blink of an eye, summer is over. The back packs are packed, the shoes have been scotch guarded, the lunches, snacks and water bottles have been gathered, even some of the forms have been filled out. Some got braces on, one got braces off, 3 got physicals, 5 plus 2 parents got teeth cleaned, one got eyes checked, one had ear surgery, one had major trauma to his finger, but is healing wonderfully, all had fun, did a lot of swimming, moving watching, reading and hanging out with family and friends. Oldest child dropped off at HS, where he doesn't even have a schedule yet and will be walking between two campuses. 7th grader dropped off feeling fine. (Mom noticed a lot of 7th grade girls start wearing a lot of eye makeup...what's up with that?) 4th grader has classes upstairs now with the upperclassmen of elementary school. 2nd grader didn't want me to hold his hand. Sophia and I are hanging out and about to run errands. So far so good. I can't wait until pick up time! So bitter sweet.

"...your light must shine before men so that they may see goodness in your acts and give praise to your heavenly Father." Matt. 5:16


Jen said...

Wow, HS!!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine getting there . . .

Kimberly said...

They're a good looking bunch Amy...you and Omar are definitely blessed!

Rose (Dudley/Marshall) Odell said...


I love reading your blog! It is such a sweet way to share your family stories. I am so glad your mom shared it with me.

I cannot believe he is in HS already! Where has the time gone?

You have a beautiful and wonderful family. They are so lucky to have you, a warm and loving mom leading them on their daily paths. I admire you!

Lynn said...

Amy, I've said it before and will say it again -- your children are just beautiful!!! It's amazing to think Josh is in high school when I remember him as a baby when we met you and Omar! Time passes so quickly!

God's blessings on you & family!