Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hands Free Parenting

If I were to die tomorrow, I am pretty sure some things that would not be said about me are, "She just let her children be. Her parenting style was so 'laissez faire.' She was so good about teaching her children to just quietly deal with the system. She didn't get worked up very easily."

I am thinking words like over-protective and helicopter mom might be the buzz at my funeral.

This morning I am sharpening my bear claws and praying for peace as I head to the HS to stand in line with my son to put in a schedule change request form. I actually have a few opinions as to how this could have been more efficient, but I will try save those for next week.

This is usually the time of year that I start weighing the pros and cons of home school versus 1000 student strong public schools.

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