Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday at the library, my friend and I left our two 7 year old boys to browse for a minute. When we caught up with them they were standing at the search desk searching for something. The counter hits them just below chin level, but they were both reaching for their respective mouses and focussed on each of their computers. It was a sight to see. These are not the quiet, mild mannered boys that are first born boys were. These are the sword fighting, jumping, wrestling younger brothers. Nonetheless, they know how to use the card catalog and are not afraid to do it.

And it only makes sense that they were searching for..."WAR."

And, by the way, our library has over 7000 entries on "WAR" and they were intent on going line by line until they found the material they were looking for.

Hannah just informed me that she had overheard them looking at a book called "Everyone Dies" earlier. What happened to Thomas the Tank Engine? I think we skipped that phase all together with these two.

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