Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ms. Spunky

If you looked up "spunky" in the dictionary, I am pretty sure you would see a picture of my Katie. Katie approaches life with an intensity that is admirable (and sometimes really noisy!) Her outward beauty is truly a reflection of her heart. She desires to be good and the maturity in which she examines her conscience is beyond her years. She also has amazing dedication and discipline, and when she sets her heart on a goal, she doesn't stop until she reaches it.
Katie loves to sing, she volunteered to sing solos 3 times in Choir this year, she loves her soccer team, and was often the Team Captain in charge of leading the team cheers, she loves to make good grades, she made straight A's in 6th grade, and she loves her family, and bosses, I mean leads her younger siblings in many games/plays.
I love my Katie more than words can say, and I am so lucky that I get to be her mom.

Happy 12th Birthday my Beloved Daughter.

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