Monday, July 14, 2008


Wipe out, crash and burn, kicked in the booty. These are the words that could be used to describe what kind of a weekend I had.

Wednesday night, I started feeling that little nagging feeling, that makes me pause and say, "I don't think I feel well."

Thursday there was no question. Like my father would say, "I was rolling down hill like a snowball headed for He--." But there was no stopping on Thursday because my kids had to be at 4 different places, and we had company coming for dinner and Omar had an important meeting. So at 9:45 that night - I crashed.

Friday, I burned. My throat was so closed up, I could barely swallow - I went to the doctor! Strep Throat! But my doctor looked in my throat and said it wasn't that bad. Oh...huh? Really? That's helpful information, so I also felt like a whimp. A whimp that couldn't talk or swallow, but a wimp none the less.

Now, a lot of weird illnesses have circulated around my home, but I almost always side step them. This time, my kids weren't even sick, and somehow I managed to get strep throat. Had I been licking the bottom of my shoes after we were at Target? Did I eat a Cheerio that I found at the park? Did I forget to wash my hands after I rode rides at the amusement park? No, I don't think so. So where in the world did I pick up this curse on humanity? I started on an antibiotic right away and expected to feel better on Saturday.

Saturday, I wiped out. I couldn't talk, it hurt, I stayed in bed ALL DAY! Not that I could sleep because I was miserable! I did learn that Brad and Angelina had their twins and I am totally caught up on several other reality shows.

Sunday, I was still being kicked in the booty, but started to feel a little better as I approached the 48 hours on antibiotics and I was able to sleep. Sweet sleep! I was still pretty annoyed that I wasn't up and about! The novelty had worn off!

Monday, still not 100%, but well on my way. I was actually able to care for my family!

To all of this, I say, "I don't like to be sick." I think I may even take my good health for granted and, dare I say, expect to feel ok everyday. I get my share of aches and pains, but I can plow through it. In fact, I pride myself a little at my ablilty to keep going with some of the things that ache and pain me. So it is necessary for me to slow down and see what it is like to be really sick sometimes. I really am grateful that God allows menacing stuff like this. I am glad that he slows me down to teach me a few lessons. I am grateful that I am usually healthy and being sick makes me count my blessings. It also is such sweet relief when I start to feel the tide begin to turn. Being stopped in my tracks, also helps me to look at the rest of my summer. Now that most of our planned activities are over, I can stop running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I want to have fun with the kids, but also take it a little slower. Also, it helps me to have more empathy when my kids get sick. Sometimes on the 5th week of someone being sick almost every single day, I can get a little...less than totally sweet and understanding. When I am the pitiful patient, God allows me a moment to remember what it is like to not feel well so that I can be a better mom. So, I hope I don't get anymore of these lessons anytime soon, but for now, I am glad I had to STOP.

And may I just say that my husband is the best! Thank you for taking care of everything, Honey! (He even made a 10 PM run to Walmart to get face paint for World Cup Day at soccer camp!)


Tammy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I so could have written this post this December when I caught a stomach but that no one else had. I thought I could have died!! But it did make me a little sympathic when all of my kids where sick non-stop for the rest of winter!!

Kimberly said...

Strep throat is tough to get over, even with a good antibiotic--it just knocks you out. Last time I was sick, I realized when Mommy is sick, nobody takes care of me! David is fantastic, but he's too busy taking care of all the kids. Thankfully I am not sick very often, but like you, I have to offer it up-- especially the messy kitchen, the clothes everywhere, and the rest of the house that has gone to pot!

Lynn said...

Sometimes God does allow these illnesses because He knows we need to spend a little time with the Divine Physician.

I am glad you are on the mend.