Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Recently, I was able to attend my Latin/Hip Hop Adult Dance Class.

Are you laughing? What? Sure, I look REALLY funny doing the steps. Yes, I look very much like a 30 something, ex-drill team girl, that never really had any soul, but it is a great workout and very fun, and is helping to dust the cob webs off of some unused parts of my brain. Last fall I took a Jazz class, and my father and step mom sent me pink leg warmers and a Flashdance B-day card just to rub it in! Hey, I love Jazz hands!

Anyway, the BEST part oldest kids babysat! You moms with 4 kids under 6 may think this day will never come. I have a friend with older kids, and I used to just dream about what it might be like to do something ALONE. My kids always hated nurseries, so I stopped taking aerobics classes many babies ago. It was so great and such a good workout and I am grateful! Now, I must go practice my mambo and salsa!


Kimberly said...

I keep telling David I want to take latin dance classes. He's like, "No way." Not even the threat of having a really cute partner because he's not there doesn't sway him. I mean, I've got serious hips and bumbums after 4 kids, I might as well learn how to shake them, right?

Amy said...

Hey Kimberly,
This is solo, more like Latin Jazz. Omar would totally agree with David about other dance partners! Not in a million years!