Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not so Fast

I might have mentioned before that my littlest child has a personality that, at times, is a bit challenging. This weekend at Mass, she was a little tired, which means...Mom and Dad, you better be on your toes. We had been juggling her, putting her shoes back on, taking pens out of her hand that she had swiped from my bag, we even had to take her to the back of the church a couple of times, something that we've mostly outgrown. It was one of those days.

She loves putting the envelope in the basket, and Omar tried handing it to her, as a reward for such good behavior. (We are so consistent.) Even if we aren't consistent, she is. Her behavior hadn't changed, she wouldn't take the envelope from him, so Omar just put it in the basket.

Well, for the grand finale, the piece de resistance, when the basket passed her, she decided she wanted it and snatched it right back out of the basket. We were shocked, snatched it right back and put it back in the basket. Of course then the big kids were doing all they could not to crack up. That really helps to minimize bad behavior. Talk about a 3 ring circus at Mass. I am not saying this is good parenting, but sometimes we are shocked into submission.

If you would have asked me 15 years ago, if any of my children would have ever behaved in such away, I would have assured you there was no way in...any child of mine could ever do such a thing. Another fun lesson in humility.

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Tammy said...

I'm realize now how naive I was about the whole parenting thing before I had kids - there were many things I swore my kids would never do - all, I can say is I do try my best :)