Saturday, July 25, 2009

Impeccable Timing

I haven't blogged in a long while due to life. Some funny things have happened along with some unfunny things. Through it all, God is in control and He continues to bless us in sweet ways.

Yesterday, I was trying to leave my mom's house, 3 hours away, so that I could get home by 6, so that I could water the grass, start the laundry from a 3 day visit, get gas, get 2 kids ready for an all day clinic today, get dinner, feed everyone, get baths going, say hello to my husband, and get to bed so that I could be at my part-time job by 8. I had just chatted with the kids about how when you go to someone else's house you want to try to leave it just as you found it. I like for there to be very little evidence that a tornado has just spiraled through the home we are visiting. Well, true to form, the kids did a great job at that, while I bumped into a table that held a beautiful bowl of decorative balls and according to my kids, it sounded like, "Ka-dunk, ka-dunk, ka-dunk, ching...OH, UNBELIEVABLE."

As I watched the bowl tump and fall and all the balls fall out, I thought it was going to make it without breaking, but then, just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, the last decorative ball fell off and smashed the glass bowl. Then, I cut myself with glass as I was trying to carefully pick up the pieces and telling the kids, to NOT come upstairs. My step dad came up to help me to vacuum up the slivers when he noticed there were black spots all on the carpet upstairs. After checking the bottom of my shoe, I realized I was tracking a melted crayon through their once immaculate house. So, the impeccable timing part comes as Josh thought this would be a great time time to jump out and try to scare me as I was walking down the stairs. I screamed, jumped into the wall and into another glass sconce thing filled with more decorative balls that wiggled, and jiggled, but THANKS BE TO GOD, stayed on the wall.

Then I got in the car for a 3 hour tour! (And, not to be too dramtic, but 1 hour into the fun, a pebble flew up and hit our front window and left a quarter sized star burst which has now stretched its leg 10 inches down our window!)

Sometimes life is a barrel of fun!


Tammy said...

Your post just made me smile - maybe because it just sounds all too familiar!!

Anonymous said...


I was so glad you found the time to blog,I always enjoy reading about the "events" that take place.
In the whole scope of life and everything that has happened recently a broken bowl and stuff on the carpet are no big deal!! We enjoy your visis!! and look forward to seeing you again soon!!


Kimberly said...

Oh man Amy...that sounds like life in my house...but you survived...yeah for you! And I know you said about 1000 Hail Mary's on that drive, right?