Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Delayed Blessings

Josh is almost as tall as me. Sometimes in middle school, you want to be the kid who bulks up first. Of course, I think he is as adorable as ever. He tells me I have to say that because I am his mom. But I am telling you, even if I wasn't his mom, I would think he was a super great, sweet, really handsome kid. I was having one of those annoying mom moments, telling him how I remember when he was so little I could carry him.

He responded, very dryly, "Well I maybe taller, but I probably weigh the same as I did back then."

I keep reminding him, it is a blessing to be able to eat 15 cookies and not gain a pound!


Liz H said...

I agree...it is a blessing to be able to eat what you want without gaining an ounce!

He is such a nice person, Amy. He saw me in the hall the other day at Ridgeview and offered to take something to Nathan.

Amy said...

Thank you Liz!