Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yet Another Piece of Humble Pie

Sophia had been doing great at pre-school. I enrolled her in a 2 day a week, 4 hours per day program, and she has been thrilled about it! Absolutely no problems, in fact one of the other teachers told me how happy she is running around at recess. Her own teacher raved about how great she was doing following directions, taking care of potty business, and listening.

Until today...

Today she got time out at school. Not one of my other children has EVER been in trouble at school. They don't even move their clips to yellow. Once, in 2nd grade, Hannah had to write a note other than a green smiley face on her behavior chart, but it was because her whole side of the lunch table got a group punishment. I think Josh and Katie maybe had to do the equivalent of clip moving 1 or 2 times in their whole elementary careers. Luke may be chatty at school, but he only needs to be told once by his beautiful, funny, sweet long blond haired teacher to be quiet; he would never want to disappoint Mom, Dad, or Mrs. Z. Somewhere we failed to put the fear of God and her parents in Sophia.

She was tired, even falling asleep on the way to pre-school. I knew it was a recipe for disaster. The only reason I even made her go was because I had actually made commitments to volunteer at the elementary and middle schools today. She cried as I left, but quieted down literally 30 seconds after the door closed. I thought all was well, but when I picked her up, the teacher said, "We had some behavior issues today."

After a talk about where paint does and doesn't belong, Sophia decided to paint on the girl sitting next to her. The teacher even said it seemed defiant!! She also pushed someone who had a toy she wanted. My kid was "that kid" today. "That kid" that paints on other kids and pushes them when she is mad.

I love humble pie.

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