Monday, January 19, 2009

Ha Ha

Today Josh and Katie had to get their teeth cleaned. The dentist's office has changed over the years. It is not the scary, cold, sterile place I remember. It is actually kind of fun to go. In the waiting room, the kids play video games and in the big, open examining room, my kids watch flat screen tv's hanging on the ceiling. While Josh was waiting for his turn, I kept hearing him laugh out loud at a "Raven" episode that was showing. I wanted to shush him, but why? He wasn't disturbing anyone and it was fun to just hear him enjoy something simple on tv. Thankfully, the nicer side of me won over the controlling, we must be perfect in public side of me, and I let him just sit there and crack up.

My sweet Katie has the kind of laugh that is contagious. She gets the giggles easily and they get loud quickly. She really enjoys life and shares that exuberance. It is one of the things that I loved ( and still love) about my college roommate; the ability to let out a laugh so easily. As the mom of a free flowing laugh-er, it can be a little less enjoyable and I find myself asking her to take it down a notch frequently.

When I think about it though, I love people that laugh easily and often. I love to be around them and their energy makes me happy. I guess really I am super blessed to have these two giggle boxes in my home, and in my car, and in the church pew with me, and at the doctor's office with me. Is there anything better than hearing another person laugh? It really is the best medicine.

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