Monday, May 18, 2009

Prayers of the Faithful

After our routine family prayers, we have a time for each person to say some "thank you" and "please help" prayers. It has been truly a blessing and a joy to listen as our children have grown in what they pray for.

It has also been quite comical. Tonight was a prime example...

Sophia,"Please bless the people in Heaben, and in hotels, and in bathtubs."


Kimberly said...

Sometimes Christina will say something like, "Please help all the people whose houses were hurt," (after Hurricane Ike), or "Please help everyone find a new job," (when David lost his job, and several of our friends too). Other times, it's just, "Thank you God for my nightgown and my bunny, and for my baby brother Gabriel."

Amy said...

That is so beautiful Kimberly! The sweet innocence and sincerity of childrens' prayers are actually inspirational. I guess that is why God says we should have the faith of "one of these."